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About Us

At Bebemo Baby , we manufacture high quality cloth diapers and baby monitors,  with a long history of our Hong Kong based company which was established in 1979. From the esteemed history of our company,  we know how to earn the trust from our customers - and the only way to earn is to maintain the high quality of our products,   All our products are using safe, non-toxic, and made of eco-friendly materials. We take great pride to make sure there's no harm to our babies and our planet. 

Creating a green world is one of our everyday targets. Our size-adjustable cloth diapers can be reused over and over again until it no longer fits.  With every disposable diaper we don't send to the landfill, we are getting closer to have a greener earth for our babies. 

We believe that with just one step more,  our children and our grandchildren can have a green earth as they dream for. 

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