Why parents choose resable  cloth diapers over disposable? 

The majority for the parents to use the resable diapers instead of the disposable diapers are the clothe diapers  are much more comfortable and economical than disposable diapers, and it also better for or environment. 

The materials of the inner layer of the cloth diapers are breathable and super-dry, and the liquid is wicked away to an absorbent insert underneath which helps keep baby bottom dry, also will reduce the chance to have the diaper rash.  

The disposable diapers can only be used once and then tossed them away, they can't be used for another child, which means you throw away every dollars while throw away one  disposable diapers. however you can use your cloth diapers over and over again after it wash and clean. You may save up at least half the money you have  spend on disposable diapers,  the one size design allows you to adjust the size as  your baby grow from newborn to 2 years olds, it even  can be as training pants for potty training. You will save even more if passed those diapers on to your second child. 

Clothe diapers also can help  our planet to grow healthier by reducing the waste in landfill , as you may know, throw away one disposable diaper to landfills which takes several hundred years to decompose ,  the average baby will require at least 5000 diapers change in their 2 years diapering period,  this explains why the disposable diapers are the third largest single consumer  waste in landfills, and the landfills have almost reached the maximum carrying capacity.

What is pocket diapers? 

The pocket cloth diapers are the most easy to use and flexibility with adjustable in both size and absorbency .

The outer waterproof layer is made  by PUL (polyurethane laminate) to keep the wetness inside and super-dry material on inner layer to keep baby’s bottom dry.  The pocket at the back allows to place one or two inserts as your baby's wetting needs,  usually place one insert for normal day time diapering, or two for overnight sleeping , The removable inserts can wash easily and  dry more quickly.  Adjustable snaps let you adjust the size as your baby grows, 

How many cloth diapers do you need? 

If you decide to use the cloth diapers once your baby is born, you may need at least 12 -16 diapers per day, as your baby needs less diapers as they grow, by the time 12 months old, they probably only need half of the diapers when compare to newborn .

Here is the  estimated diapers your baby in different stages: 

            For newborns: approx 12 to 16 diapers per day;

            For infants (4-12 months) :  approx 8 to 12 diapers per day;

            For toddlers 12-20 months : approx  6 to 8 diapers per day,

            For toddlers who are potty training: 3 to 6 diapers per day 

What size does  your baby need? 

Each diaper can adjst 2-3 sizes by using  the adjustable snaps, 

Newborn size diaper will fit approx weight :5- 10 lbs in size XS / S , 

Standard size diaper will fit approx weight 8 -30 lbs in size S / M /L

Extra-Large size diaper will fit approx weight  30-45 lbs in size  L / XL / XXL

How  to use the reusable cloth diaper and how to adjust the size by the snaps?

You need to place one insert into the pocket at the back, then place a diaper liners if needed, and snap the buttons in the tummy area to adjust the leg hole, also use the top two rows snaps to adjust the size of your baby waist, 

What I need to do with the brand new cloth diapers? 

Just same as what you need to do with your new baby clothes through  the laundry ,  but the microfiber or bamboo inserts may need to be washed 2-3 times to increase their absorbency, we suggest wash several time before actual use  ;

How often do I need to change the cloth diapers ? 

Unlike the disposable diapers , the cloth diapers are made in nature materials and once it reach the maximum capacity, it cannot absorb anymore , usually you will need to change in every 2-2.5 hours depends on baby diets.. Usually breastfed baby will have more  poo than the baby who having formula, so will get more changes in this case .

Do I still need to change the whole set of diapers even just a little bit of urine? 

For the newborn baby, they only have very small amount of urine, sometimes the diaper can be used twice  if no poo on it.  but recommend to change the whole set diaper for more than 6 months old baby

How to wash a dirty cloth diapers? 

 Simply shake solids into the toilet, if you have used the diaper liners, you may toss the liners  away,  remove inserts from pocket, rinse the diaper and inserts with clean water, if the stain cannot be removed, you may wash the particular stain and soak in water with baking soda for a while,  and keep in a pail until ready to load into your washer,  always use highest water level allowed by your washer,  set to regular wash cycle,  wash with a detergent which especially for baby, and rinse twice to be sure all residue detergent is completely rinsed away, then tumble dry low .

 Don't use bleach or fabric softener, that may lead allergic to your baby and affect the absorbency,  Still want to bleach the diapers, you can always use sunshine , it's free and best for your baby.

 How often do you need to wash diapers?

Actually the number of cloth diapers you have own are the major facts that make you how often to wash.  You will need at least 12 - 16 cloth diapers per day for your newborn baby, which means if you only have 12 cloth  diapers, you need to wash everyday,  but for the energy and water consumption, most parents will invest about 18 -24 cloth diapers which can let them to load up the washer in every 2-3 days . What you need to do is just rinse  those dirty diapers then leave those in the pails until the wash day, but still wash often enough that you won't need to buy too much diapers. It also helps keep odors under control, since dirty diapers often become especially smelly after a couple of days.   Never leave dirty diapers unwashed for more than 3 days. 

Why not use all Velcro snap instead of adjustable snaps in all others size of cloth diapers ?

Velcro snap is convenience to use, it gives more precise in sizing to 0.50cm,  because 1.5 -2.0cm is really too much for 5lbs newborn babies , but velcro snap is not durable as the snaps, it can't last for 2 years , it will become loose or not sticky enough after several months of usage, that's why we only use velcro on our newborn diapers ,and use high quality snaps on all others diapers. 

What if you can’t use cloth diaper?

In some occasions, such as travelling for a long trip or in daycare center, it's really not a good idea to use cloth diapers , the disposable diapers seem to be the only choice, in this case, we can consider something are disposable and also are biodegradable. i.e biodegradable inserts which will do the same job as disposable diapers, but it can decompose after several months​.

What is the disposable inserts  ?

The disposable inserts are made of biodegradable fiber, the core is the compose of woody fiber and small amount of SAP, and seal with the cornstarch glue. it can absorb about 400ml of liquid, but it doesn't have the waterproof layer, it needs to be used conjunction with the cloth  diaper. Simply place the disposable insert on the top of the super -dry layer, then snaps as usual, then your baby is ready to go. when change the diaper, simply throw away into the garbage bin (DO NOT FLUSH into the  toilet), then replace a new disposable insert or stuff in a cloth  inserts, then snaps and go .

What is the diaper liners for ?

Simply place a diaper liner on the top of the super-dry layer, your baby will poo on that, then just toss it away or flush into the toilet after used,

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